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For the first episode of the Go Gather Wild podcast series I was delighted to talk to John Wright. John’s one of my biggest inspirations and his books have been a constant companion along my foraging journey. 

Our chat covers everything from easy to make foraging mistakes to making your own Yarrow Gin, a recipe we’re keen to give a go… Enjoy! 

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John Wright from River Cottage foraging expert

Welcome to episode one of the Go Gather Wild Podcast. In our first series we will hear from experts across the UK and Ireland in foraging on wild food.

To Launch the series we have John Wright from River Cottage. John is an expert on wild food and the author of the River Cottage Handbooks Mushrooms, Edible Seashore, Hedgerow, Booze and also The Naming of the Shrew. 

John Wright is a member of the British Mycological Society and a Fellow of the Linnaean Society. You can connect with him on Twitter or head over to his website Edible Bush

Buy John's Foraging Books

The Forager's Calendar

Month by month, John shows us what species can be found and where, how to identify them, and how to store, use and cook them. You’ll learn the stories behind the Latin names, the best way to tap a Birch tree, and how to fry an ant, make rosehip syrup and cook a hop omelette. 

Edible Seashore

For the forager, the seashore holds surprising culinary potential. In this authoritative, witty book John Wright takes us on a trip to the seaside.


Hedgerows, moors, meadows and woods – these hold a veritable feast for the forager. In this hugely informative and witty handbook, John Wright reveals how to spot the free and delicious pickings to be found in the British countryside, and how to prepare and cook them.


In this book John takes us through the 72 species we are most likely to come across during forays in Britain’s forests and clearings: old friends the Chanterelle and Cep, as well as a whole colourful host of more unfamiliar names – edible species including the Velvet Shank, the Horn of Plenty, the Amethyst Deceiver, the Giant Puffball and the Chicken in the Woods, and poisonous types such as the Sickener, the Death Cap and the Destroying Angel.

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