Podcast | Episode Two | Cúán Greene | Founder of Ómós

cuan greene irish chef formerly of noma

This week on the show we chat to Cúán Greene, founder of Ómós. Cúán is an Irish chef who has previously worked in the world renowned restaurant NOMA. He is passionate about fostering a mindful food community through his newly founded Ómós. Join us as we talk about all things foraging, hear stories about what it’s like to work in NOMA and the emerging craft renaissance developing in Ireland.

Cúán Greene is one of Ireland’s most interesting chefs. Formerly of NOMA, four time best restaurant in the world, and former Head Chef of Bastible, an Irish restaurant that was gaining great notoriety before COVID. 

He is redefining what it means to experience food in Ireland, whether it’s through the finest pop-up food experiences like a cosmic taco box or his unique passion for celebrating Irish local food and heritage crafts with his newly founded Ómós.

For the last two years running Cúán has been named on the Irish Times 50 people to watch and has even had the renowned food critic Jay Rayner write in the Guardian that it’s worth coming to Dublin just for his food alone.

This is a great episode, enjoy. 

Cuan Greene OMOS

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