Wild Food Mary Foraging Expert

On this episode we talk to Wild Food Mary, a foraging expert based in Birr, County Offaly.


This conversation is wide ranging and covers everything from the mythical elements of wild food rituals, sustainable living, how you will always be connected when you are in nature, Wim Hof breathing,  and Mary’s wild food life. 


Sustainability and connection with nature is a theme throughout many of these podcast episodes and that is echoed in this again. 


Wild Food Mary is wild food chef, forager and educator who hosts foraging workshops or private forays throughout the year in the midlands of Ireland. 


I can speak to her amazing hospitality and if you’re lucky enough you might even get your hands on one of her very rare but equally precious wild food liqueurs


To sign up to one of Mary’s workshops or make a trip of it and stay with her (I couldn’t recommend this enough!) then click here. 

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