9 Foraging Books Reviewed: Find the right one for you

foraging book how to choose the best foraging book for beginners

A foraging book is a great resource for beginner and experienced foragers alike. Beginners will be able to learn from the best information on where to find wild food in their local area, while experienced foragers can use these resources as a way to reveal exactly what tasty wild edibles are out there to discover.


Foraging books are also a great way to teach children about food sustainability and healthy eating habits! In this article, we will review some of the top rated foraging books so you can find one that meets your needs whether you are a beginner forager or advanced.

Best Foraging Books For Beginners

When looking for the best foraging books, it is important to look for one that meets your needs. Beginners will need a book that covers basic information on where you can find edibles in their area and how to prepare them safely.

The Forager's Harvest by Samuel Thayer

The perfect starter guide with detailed instructions on where to find edibles, how to safely identify them and prepare them. It also includes a small section on foraging in colder climates which can be very difficult during the winter months.

Self-Sufficiency: Foraging for Wild Foods

Arranged in a directory of categories divided into wild plants, herbs, fruits, nuts, mushrooms, seaweeds and shellfish, this book has all the information you need to help you identify a wholesome and natural food store right outside your back door.

The Forager's Calendar by John Wright

John Wright is the UK’s foremost expert in foraging and brings decades of experience, including as forager at the River Cottage, to this seasonal guide. Month by month, he shows you what can be found and where. You’ll even learn how to fry an ant, make rosehip syrup and cook a hop omelette.

The Wild Food UK Foraging Pocket Guide

This pocket sized book is the perfect foraging guide if you are looking for a quick reference that can be taken anywhere. The Wild Food UK Foraging Pocket Guide has 352 pages and covers more than 120 different species of tree, plant, and mushrooms that thrive in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Food for free by Richard Mabey

Another great foraging book. It has detailed descriptions and photos so you can determine what plant you are looking at without any trouble. The only downside with this one is that it does not include information on where each plant grows in your area – so be sure to do your research on where you live before purchasing this foraging book.

The Forager Handbook by Miles Irving

A great resource for beginners to use in the UK and Europe. It is easy to read, informative and provides a good basis for anyone wanting to participate in sustainable practices with food production. The book focuses on encouraging readers towards natural landscapes such as hedgerows, woods and waterways.

River Cottage Handbook no7 Hedgerow – by John Wright

Another book by one of the UK’s best wild food experts john Wright, this hedgerow handbook reveals the tasty wild edibles that hide in the hedgerows all over the UK and Ireland. If you have been on a foraging course you know that there’s an abondance of free food waiting for us in our hedgerows and why they are so important. 

Best Books for Experienced Foragers

Seasoned foragers will enjoy using these books as a reminder of what to look out for during the seasons. Foraging requires you to be observant and aware, so it is easy to forget some things when not actively looking or gathering food.

The Edible Wild plants of Britain and Europe by Roger Philips

An amazing resource if you are looking for a book to remind you of what is available in your area. It covers the most common plants and herbs that can be found throughout Europe, including how to use them and recipes on how to cook with them.

Edible and Medicinal Wild Plants of Britain and Ireland by Robin Harford

This foraging book teaches you all about the wild food found in the UK and Ireland. This is one to pick up along your foraging journey to delve deeper into the different edible species you may not know about.

Once you know the basics to foraging wild food, this book will show you exactly what could grow wild in your local area while providing easy techniques to plant identification. The knowledge gained by reading this book is immense.

Whether you are looking for a book to help you get started with your own foraging journey or want to learn more about the best books on edible mushrooms, we hope that this article helped you in your search.


We covered many of the great beginner foraging guides that will teach you all about different edible plants and how they can benefit your health, we hope you’ve been inspired to get one the and go out into your local area!


No matter where you are in your journey of learning about nature’s wild food, these books should serve as an invaluable resource. Click here to see more foraging books for all levels.


Happy foraging!

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