Foraging In March: wild food and recipes to discover

Before you go picking up anything in your path, stop and think of this: do you know what you are looking for? Take only what you need, make sure not to damage the roots and leave some for others to find, don’t leave any waste behind you.  If you are new to foraging, make sureContinue reading “Foraging In March: wild food and recipes to discover”

5 of The Best Foraging Books for Beginners

When it comes to the best books on foraging for beginners there are so many to choose from. Across the UK and Ireland you will find books by local experts and more from the wider community of generalist foragers who do not specialise in either mushrooms or whatever it may be, they can guide you safely through the wild with an understanding of a wide variety of plants. 


Starting out it is best to cast your net wide and think generally. After all, when going foraging, who doesn’t want more wild edibles? There’s nothing better than coming back from a walk with a good range of mushrooms, berries and herbs in your backpack.