Cep (Porcini)

Considered to be royalty amongst mushrooms is the Bolete family which covers Porcini, Penny Bun and Cep. These hold a court of their own when it comes to flavour with no other mushrooms coming close to their divine taste.


Generally around late summer you will start to see Penny Bun, Cep and Porcini appear a couple of days after rainfall. When picked they can be eaten raw but it’s recommended to dry the mushrooms as the flavour intensifies to include more parmesan-umami to go with the already chestnutty woodland notes.

Common Names



Penny Bun

King Bolete


Scientific Name

Boletus Edulis

Foraging Season

August to October


The edge of the Penny Bun and Porcini cap is often white with the rest being a chestnut brown colour. When cut the cap flesh should remain white and not show any hint of blue. 



Penny Buns, Ceps and Porcinis are easy to identify as they are members of the Bolete family, which means they do not have gills but pores under the cap. The pores will start off grey and eventually become a shade close to green when they are past their best. 



Ceps are Mycorrhizal fungi which means they are partners to trees so you will find them in woodland underneath beech, pine, spruce and birch.