Amethyst Deceiver

Amethyst Deceiver

The Amethyst Deceiver is an amazingly beautiful mushroom with its violet colour and sweet woodsy flavour. Prominent in the UK and Ireland, keep your eyes focused on moss and leaf litter to spot the specks of purple.

Common Names

Amethyst Deceiver

Scientific Name

Laccaria amethystina

Foraging Season

June to November


The cap becomes deformed with age but when young you will notice the deep purple colour on the convex cap. Generally they will be 2-7cm wide with slight upturned edges. 



The gills are deep purple with smaller gills in between the largely spaced normal gills. 



Fibrous and sometimes hollow or twisted the stem is a deep purple similar to the cap and gills. 



When foraging for this small purple mushroom it is very common across the UK and Ireland amongst both broadleaf and coniferous woodland in their leaf litter or moss.  



The Amethyst Deceiver looks similar to the poisonous Lilac fibrecap. Never pick and eat any mushroom that you’re unsure about. 

Mushroom Identification

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