Hedgehog Mushroom

Hedgehog Mushroom

The Hedgehog Mushroom is a great mushroom for beginner foragers. They are very easy to identify and are fairly common throughout mixed woodland around the UK and Ireland.

Common Names

Hedgehog Mushroom

Wood Urchin

Wood Hedgehog

Pied du Mouton

Scientific Name

Hydnum Repandum

Foraging Season

August to October


The caps is creamy white with an irregular convex cloud shape. They are firm and can be up to 15cm in diameter.



You will not find any gills on the Hedgehog mushroom as the key identifier to his mushroom is its spines. Growing up to 6mm long, they are like pines on the underside of the cap. 



Often off centre to one side of the mushroom the stem can be 10cm tall and a solid white colour.



You will find these mushrooms growing in rings sound the floor of a mixed woodland, normally close to trees such as beech, spruce, birch and pine.



It can be confused with the smaller Terracotta Hedgehog mushroom which is tanned instead of white and has spines as well but growing in a different direction. The lookalike is edible but not great so you still need to be sure of what you are foraging.