Parasol Mushroom

Parasol Mushroom

A very distinctive mushroom, the Parasol can come in a variety of forms but the trick is height and rings with this one. This mushroom can be found at the edge of fields, woods and roads. Both Parasols and Shaggy Parasols are edible but the Shaggy Parasol is poisonous to some people so the whiter and slightly taller Parasol is the variety you should pick.

Common Names

Parasol Mushroom

Shaggy Parasol

Scientific Name

Macrolepiota Procera

Foraging Season

June to September


The cap of the Parasol is its distinct feature. It can be up to 30cm across when opened and flat. As the Parasol matures it becomes scaly with skin being stretched and cracked. When the cap is flat you will notice a small central umbo/nipple.



The gills will be white to cream and crowded. 



The stem of the parasol should have a movable ring that can often fall to the base. The stem is white or cream but will be covered in small brown patched like a snake scales. When cut, the stem will be white and fibrous or sometimes hollow. Bulbous at the base, the stem can be up to 30cm tall. 



Parasol mushrooms can be found across the UK and Ireland in woodlands, pastures or on the edges of roads and hedgerows.



The deadly amanitas are similar to Parasols when young and so can be confused when foraging for mushrooms. Take great care when foraging for Parasols to not pick anything you are not convinced is right.