Toadstool (Fly Agaric)

Toadstool (Fly Agaric)



The Toadstool is the most famous mushroom to non-foragers thanks to its feature in the fantasy novel, Alice in Wonderland. It is known by many names such as the Fly Agaric, Amanita Muscaria, and even the Holy Grail mushroom to some. 


The psychedelic properties are reported for causing Alice’s trip into wonderland but unlike the liberty cap mushroom it is not a favourite of those who pick psychedelic mushrooms. The reason is generally admired but passed by is because of the processing needed before you consume the mushroom. There are some stories of people adding dried segments to infuse with wine but we would recommend anything like that. 

Common Names


Fly Agaric

Alice in wonderland mushroom

Scientific Name

Amanita Muscaria

Foraging Season

August to December


The cap of the Toadstool (Fly Agaric) is its most distinctive feature, bright red and orange with small white patches dotted across it although it is important to note that these can be washed off by the wind or rain. 



The gills of the Toadstool (Fly Agaric) are white and join directly to the stem.



The stem of the Toadstool (Fly Agaric) is thick, shaggy and white with a skirt near the top of it. 


You should see a noticeable volva at the base of the stem. 



The Toadstool (Fly Agaric) is found in mainly Birch woods but can be found in mixed woodland as well. 


Possible Confusion

The Toadstool (Fly Agaric) can be confused with a number of lookalikes such as the Panther Cap, Blusher, Grey Spotted Amanita and Jewelled Amanita so we recommend leaving this one for the experts.